Next Steps: A Dyslexia Family Networking Forum

For a child with a Specific Learning Disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia, a knowledgeable parent working behind the scenes is often key to success in school. At this forum, we will share the knowledge you need to be your child’s best advocate and cheerleader.

This program features experts and informed parents who know the challenges parents face trying to “figure it out.” Just like every learning disability has its unique elements; each family’s journey is also unique. However, there are laws and resources that can help you find your best path forward. This program is built to help illuminate this path with shared knowledge and expertise.

The Chelsea School, Hyattsville MD
Located, right off East-West Highway (MD 410), Chelsea School’s address is 2970 Belcrest Center Drive. Chelsea is located in the same building as Staples, Bob’s Furniture, and is right next to the Metro Station. Chelsea is located on the 4th Floor and has its own parking lot. Look for signs that say “Retail Parking” to enter the garage. You will drive all the way up to the fourth floor to park.

FREE – Registration Coming Soon

LDAMD is co-sponsoring this event with:
IDA (International Dyslexia Assn.)
DDMD (Decoding Dyslexia Maryland)